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About DrewShopTT

Vision:- drewshoptt is committed to connecting our customers to the best selling experience and opportunities.

Drewshoptt is a company that offers you the opportunity to sell any item, product, equipment and vehicle etc on our website in which you can set up your profile and promote your company or just sell items of your choice.
Connecting with Friends, share your passion, gift your legacy.

What is the best selling experience and opportunities?

What drewshopptt offers our customers is a viewership of persons with the intent to purchase.
Why do we say this?
We offer a viewership of persons with the intent to purchase because unlike social media where people generally visit for social reasons. This website viewership is base on persons visiting with the intent to purchase from the categories we provide. Therefore, the persons visiting has already made his/her mind up that they are willing to purchase an item of their choice listed on our categories, hence they are visiting Drewshoptt.

Get Started
● Click post an Ad
● Create profile ( option use facebook login )
● Start posting simple Ads (FREE)

Discover your opportunities
Drewshoptt gives you the customer and audience with the intent to purchase.
The motivating factor that will cause the viewer to purchase from your company is the advertising AD space your company purchases that will inspire the customer to purchase from you.

We have Fours types of advertising ADs drewshoptt offers
Simple Ads- FREE
Featured Ads
Business Ads
Premium Business Ads

Contact us for more details on pricing!

Payments options
Credit card

Every story leaves a legacy
Gift your legacy

Everything inside of us desires to be connected, to feel like we belong, to experience love and to be valued.
We study hard, we work hard, we build our business and invest in assets, just to feel secure and safe in a world that’s forever unstable .
We hope for the best experiences to give us excellent results.
Commitment, loyalty, trust, and respect is some of the values we look for in finding a partnership to entrust our further, @drewshoptt these are the values we believe in and we are sure, that these values will give you the customer the best platform to gift your legacy to our world.